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The KDDI OCEAN LINK(KOL), the high-tech cable ship interconnecting countries in the world by submarine cables, has been completed in 1992 for optical submarine cable's laying, burial, repair and maintenance. The ship is equipped with the latest cable handling equipment and various high tech equipment which increases the safety and efficiency of cable laying work, and is actively operated for new international communication networks.
(The KOL brochure is here.)


KDDI OCEAN LINK sailing under Yokohama Bay Bridge

Features of the KDDI OCEAN LINK

  1. Is equipped with two units of 4-blade controllable pitch propeller(c.p.p.) as the main propulsion, together with two bow thrusters and one stern thruster, and realizes the high performance dynamic positioning capability.
  2. As one whole deck is used for the working areas such as the bow deck, working deck and stern deck, the wide working space is kept.
  3. Is equipped with two drum cable engines at the bow side and one linear cable engine at the stern side, and can cope with wide range of constructions including cable repair, recovery and high speed laying.

Specifications of the KDDI OCEAN LINK

Owner Kokusai Cable Ship Co., Ltd. (KCS)
BuilderShimonoseki Shipyard and Machinery Works of Mitsubishi Heavy Industries, Ltd.
Keel laidMarch 28, 1991
LaunchedAugust 1, 1991
CompletedFebruary 28, 1992
ClassificationNK NS*(CL),MNS*, M0,
Overall length133.16m
Depth11.6m(from cable handling deck to bottom)
Gross tonnage9,510t
Design draft7.4m
Dead weightapprox. 6,270t
Cable tank capacity2,300m3 (Total of 3 main tanks)
Main engine M.C.R.2,200PS×720/120rpm×4units
Main propellers4-blade c.p.p.×2units
Main generators800kw×2units
Aux. generators1,760kw×2units
Bow thrusters Elect. c.p.p. 920kw×2units
Stern thrusters Elect. c.p.p. 920kw×1unit
Dynamic positioning system 1unit(Kongsberg Maritime)
Communication equipment INMARSAT B、INMARSAT F、VSAT for marine vessel、
Satellite telephone
Service speed15 knots (approx. 28km/h)
Continuous service distanceapprox. 10,000nm(approx. 18,520km)
Cable handling equipment Drum cable engine:EL-HY drum type x 2units
Linear cable engine:EL-HY tire type x 1unit
Anti-rolling tank1unit
Deck crane(EL-HY) 2units
Complement 85 persons

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