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The KDDI PACIFIC LINK is equipped with the latest navigation system and cable handling equipment, and is actively operating for installation and maintenance of optical submarine cable networks.
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KDDI PACIFIC LINK sailing through the Kanmon Straits

Features of the KDDI PACIFIC LINK

  1. Is equipped with two azimuth thrusters(360-degree rotatable propeller). And together with three bow thrusters, can realize the effective and stable dynamic positioning capability.
  2. All of two drum cable engines and one linear cable engine are all laid out at the stern side. The selective operation from the drum cable engine to linear cable engine or vice versa is easy.
  3. Is, currently equipped with two underwater robots(MARCAS-V, PLOW-II). The robots are actively used at submarine cable constructions accompanying cable burials.

Specifications of the KDDI PACIFIC LINK

Owner Kokusai Cable Ship Co., Ltd. (KCS)
Built 1993 by Singmarine Dockyard & Engineering Ltd., Singapore
Converted1997 by Wear Dockyard Ltd., Sunderland U.K.
ClassificationNK NS(CL)(DPS B)/MNS(M0)
Length overall109m
Gross Tonnage7,960t
Scantling draft7.5m
Dead weight6,597t
Cable tank capacity 4,000t/2,400m3 (2 main cable tanks)
500t/320m3 (2 spare cable tanks)
Main generator1,600kw×6units
Emergency generator 600kw×1unit
Azimuth thrusters 2,000/1,000kw×2units(2 speed)
Side thrusters 800kw×3units
Dynamic positioning system Duplex modular redundant system
(Kongsberg Maritime)
Communication equipment INMARSAT B、INMARSAT F、VSAT for marine vessel、
Satellite telephone
Service speed 11.5 knots (approx. 21km/hour)
Endurance50 days
Cable handling equipment Drum cable engine: EL-HY drum typex2units, 3.6m dia.
Linear cable engine:EL-HY tire type 20 pair x 1unit
Cable plow:SMD type
A-frame:35T SWL
Stern sheaves:
      1.3m width split, 3.0m dia.
      0.5m width, 3.0m dia.
Anti-rolling tank1unit
Deck crane(EL-HY)1unit, 3.5t
Complement 58 personnel max.
Helideck 19m diameter, Super Puma Helicopter or equivalent
Navigation aids DGPS duplicated

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