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Cable Ship Q&A

Q1. How many days does it take to repair submarine cable?

A1. It is about two to three weeks, although it depends on the ocean area or the work itself.

Q2. How many members are there on board the cable ship?

A2.  About 15 engineers of KCS are on board the cable ship. In addition, 35 or more members including a captain, officers and crew members are on board for its navigation. We carry out the cable installation and maintenance cooperating each other.

Q3. How is operational depth for the cable ship?

A3. The ship works, considering its draft line, in a deeper area than 20m from the safety point of view. In the shallower area than that, a barge or divers are engaged in the cable operation. In terms of a deep sea area, the ship works in the 8,000m area such as Japan trench.

Q4.  In the long term boarding, don't you face a drinking-water shortage?

A4.  We take water from the ocean, remove salt content from it and use it as drinking water or daily life water. And, of course, we also receive fresh water when the ship is at anchor.

Q5. Is the life on the cable ship comfortable?

A5. Yes, in the ship, each member is assigned one cabin which is equipped with a sofa, a shower and so forth. As commonly used amusement facilities, there are a gym and a lounge which relieve member's fatigues by making them relax.

Q6. How long does the cable ship navigate?

A6. The KDDI OCEAN LINK is possible to navigate about 10,000nm(about 18,520km) without refueling. The location of the distance, 18,000km from Japan is Chile, which is the other side of the globe.

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