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The cable ship is a major player for cable constructions.

The cable ship is a major player for submarine cable installation and maintenance. Having outstanding cable ships and excellent cable engineers guarantees the quality of laid submarine cables.
KCS is operating two cable ships with highly sophisticated equipments for cable constructions, the KDDI OCEAN LINK and the KDDI CABLE INFINITY, and is establishing the service which enables the prompt and cost effective submarine cable installation and maintenance.

The KCS's cable ships are equipped with a collection of high technologies. For example, the cable ship under cable laying can be navigated by the latest dynamic positioning system in plus and minus 4 meters along the cable laying route designed in advance.

Each of the cable ships has the cable tanks which can accommodate cables of around 4,000 Km long at one time.The cable length corresponds to the half distance between Tokyo and San Francisco, and this means that the submarine cable installation between Japan and USA can be achieved by only two voyages, and that significant cost reduction for the cable laying is realized.

In the submarine cable laying, the cable's payout speed and ship speed are controlled precisely, according to the topography of the seabed. By the control, the cable is laid on the seabed without any suspension, and their safety and reliability are increased.

Operating two cable ships stationed in the optimal locations of the east and west of Japan, KCS is ready to respond rapidly when cable repairs are required.
The KDDI OCEAN LINK is the cable ship working in full-time bases throughout the year for cable maintenance in the Yokohama zone. This ship is on standby to sail out within 24-hours.





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