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Corporate History
In 1966Establishment of Kokusai Cable Ship Co., Ltd.(KCS)
1969 Japan Sea Submarine Cable(JASC) installation(KDD Maru)
1976 Japan-China Cable(ECSC) installation(KDD Maru)
1977 Okinawa-Luzon-Hong Kong Cable(OLUHO) installation(KDD Maru)
1979 Okinawa-Taiwan Cable installation(KDD Maru)
1980 Kuantan-Kuching Cable installation(KDD Maru)
Japan-Korea Cable(JKC) installation(KDD Maru)
1982 ASEAN Thailand-Malaysia-Singapore Cable installation(KDD Maru)
1984 Okinawa-Ninomiya Cable (Okinawa cable) installation(KDD Maru)
1986 Japan-China Cable restoration & installation on the shore end
(KDD Maru)
1988The 3rd Trans-Pacific Cable(TPC-3) installation(KDD Maru)
1989 Chikura-Ninomiya Cable installation(KDD Maru)
1991The 4th Trans-Pacific Cable(TPC-4) installation(KDD Maru)
1992 Completion of the KDDI OCEAN LINK(KOL)
Chikura-Miyazaki Cable installation(KDD Maru)
The 4th Trans-Pacific Cable(TPC-4) installation(KOL)
1993 APC(Asia-Pacific-Cable) installation(KOL)
CJ-FOSC(China-Japan-Fiber Optical System Cable) installation(KOL)
1994 RJK(Russia-Japan-Korea) Cable installation(KOL)
The 5th Trans-Pacific Cable(TPC-5) installation(KOL)
1995The 5th Trans-Pacific Cable(TPC-5) installation(KOL)
1996 APCN Cable installation(KOL)
The 5th Trans-Pacific Cable(TPC-5) installation(KOL)
1997 FLAG Cable installation(KOL)
1998 Exhibition of the KDDI PACIFIC LINK(KPL)
JIH(Japan Information Highway) Cable installation(KOL)
JIH(Japan Information Highway) Cable installation(KPL)
1999 Obtained the certificate of ISO9002:1994
China-US Cable installation(KPL)
Japan-US Cable installation(KPL)
2001 EAC(East Asian Crossing Cable System) installation(KOL)
EAC(East Asian Crossing Cable System) installation(KPL)
AJC(Australia-Japan Cable System) installation(Kouki Maru)
C2C installation(KPL)
C2C installation(Kouki Maru)
merged with Kokusai Marine Engineering Co., Ltd.
2004 Obtained the certificate of ISO14001:1996
2007 RJCN Cable installation(KPL)
2008 RJCN Cable installation(KPL)
2009 UNITY Cable installation(KPL)
DONET installation(off Kii peninsula)(KPL)
2010 Mishima-Mura Cable installation(KPL)
MACHO Cable installation(KPL)
2012 GOKI ocean cable installation(KPL)
SJC shore end cable installation(KPL)
2013 KCS HQ's transfer to Kawasaki-City
DONET-2 installation(off Tokushima)(KPL)
2014 Landing and Installation Works of DONET (Dense OceanfloorNetwork System for Earthquakes and Tsunamis) Phase 2 off Tokushima, Japan
2014-2015 Landing and Installation Works of Japan Trench Ocean Bottom Seismic and Tsunami Network off Sanriku, Japan
2015 Landing and Installation Works of FASTER Cable System off Minami Shimaand Chikura, Japan
Landing and Installation Works of seismic observatory system off Kamaishi, Japan
2016 Deployment Work of DSS (Deep-sea Seismic System) off AtsumiPeninsula
2016-2017 Installation Work of SKR1M Cable System
2017 Yap Spur/Palau Spur and Chuuk-Pohnpei Marine Installation

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