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Underwater Robot MARCAS-IV

The KDDI OCEAN LINK is equipped with ROV MARCAS-IV(ROV:Remotely Operated Vehicle).

MARCAS-IV can dive to a maximum depth of 2,500 meters, and performs cable burial and maintenance. The burial is performed by taking in a large amount of seawater, waterjetting it into the seabed, and digging a trench.

The maximum burial depth is around 3 meters.
In addition, MARCAS-IV can remove obstacles, or can cut a cable and rope by using its manipulator.

MARCAS-IV will be replaced by the new type of ROV, MARCAS-IV in near future.
(The MARCAS-IV brochure is here.)

Specifications of ROV MARCAS-IV

Max. Working Depth 2,500m
Dimensions Length 5.38m (w/2 m jet tool)  6.48m(w/3 m jet tool)
Width 3.65m Height 2.96m
Weight 17 tons in air  Neutral in sea water
Propulsion Forward/Backward 3 knots  Lateral 2 knots  Vertical 2 knots
Vehicle power Total 450 kW (225kW Subsea Electric motor x 2)
Thruster 500mm hydraulic driven thruster x 10
Max. Burial Depth 3.0 m(depending on seabed soil composition)
Umbilical Cable Steel-armored cable 3,500 m

MARCAS-IV Operating Scene

MARCAS-IV Payed Out Overboard

1. For the cable burial, MARCAS-IV is lifted up by the A-frame of the mother vessel, and is paid out overboard.

MARCAS-IV Stored in Mother Vessel

2. It is stored in the mother vessel when it is not used, and has an inspection or maintenance for next operation.

Operation Room of Underwater Robot MARCAS-IV

3. Control room for ROV MARCAS-IV

MARCAS-IV is on the KDDI OCEAN LINK, and is engaged in submarine cable maintenance.
In the ocean area up to 2,500 meters depth, MARCAS-IV carries out localization of a cable failure point, cutting the cable and its reburial after the repair to maximum depth of 3 meters by Jet Tool Mode.

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