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MARCAS Working Scene

MARCAS is available for support of repair work, inspection and retro-burial for repaired cables. Following photos indicate actual working of MARCAS-III which can bury the cable up to 3m by the high-powered water jet.

1. The picture shows the cable on the flat seabed before the cable burying.

2. An obstacle under the cable is found by the camera of MARCAS.

3. The obstacle is removed by the hydraulic movable arm(manipulator).

4. MARCAS is adjusted to fit the cable in the center of the jet nozzle, and digs the seabed by the waterjet.

5. MARCAS is burying a joint box(cable connecting equipment).

6. The depth in the trench dug by the waterjet of MARCAS is maximum 3m. The cable is buried in the trench.

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