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Marine Engineering

Marine Survey & Measurement

By using the latest survey systems and underwater robots, KCS carries out marine surveys with precision and cost-efficiency. We offer various kinds of surveys, responding to wide range of customers' needs, from surveys and measurement for installation and removal to scientific marine surveys and an environmental investigation.

Coastal and Harbor Measurement

Survey on Coastal Areas

Survey on coastal areas

Measure control points of coastal areas and harbor areas, a coast line and a ground height, etc..

Wide-area Surveys on Ocean Floor Topography

Survey on Ocean Floor Topography

Survey on ocean floor topography

Carry out surveys on a bathymetric feature and ocean floor topography by depth measurement and bottom sampling. And select suitable submarine cable laying routes.

Surveys on Fishery Resources and Marine Biology

Support surveys on fishery resources and marine biology by divers.

Environmental Assessment

Support environmental assessment through bottom sampling on the seabed.

Undersea Photographing

Carry out undersea photographing and surveys on the seabed by divers.

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