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Marine Engineering

Construction & Maintenance Work

By using our knowledge and expertise in construction, repair and maintenance of submarine cables, we conduct construction and maintenance work in Japan and abroad, in the sea and along the coast and shore as well as on land.

Surveys on Status and Burial Depth of Laid Submarine Cables

Survey on the Cable Burial Depth Using the Cable Probe

Survey on the cable burial depth
using Cable Probe

Surveys on the status and burial depth of laid submarine cables are performed by divers. Cable Probe is actively used for the surveys on the cable burial depth in a shore-end cable section and in a shallow ocean area by divers.

Submarine Cable Landing Works

Submarine Cable Landing Work

Submarine cable landing work

Conduct, based on our rich experiences, cable landing works which are adjusted to various field conditions.

Submarine Cable Protection Works (Reburial, Reinforcement, etc.)

Cable Protection Work by Divers

Cable protection work by divers
(Excavation by jet lift)

Conduct various submarine cable protection works such as reburial of exposed submarine cables, or reinforcement of ocean facilities.

Works for Grounding Facilities for Signal and Power Feeding

Ground Installation Work

Ground installation work

Carry out, based on our experiences, surveys, installation and evaluation of grounding facilities for signal and power feeding.

Construction of Land Conduits for Communication

Conduits Installation Work

Conduits installation work

Carry out, based on our experiences, design and installation of land conduits for communication.

Removal Works of Submarine Cables and Conduits, etc.

Remove Work of Cables

Removal work of cables
(Shallow sea and shore section)

Remove retired submarine cables and conduits. We can respond to various needs from removal in the shallow water using a salvage barge to removal at a shore section.

Removal Works of Buildings and Facilities for Communications

Dismantlement of Communication Building

Dismantlement of
communication building

Carry out not only the removal of communication cables and conduits but also dismantlement and removal of communication buildings and facilities.

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