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Marine Engineering

Marine Engineering & Consulting

KCS provides a wide range of marine engineering & consulting service based on various technologies relating to the submarine cable installation and maintenance.

Surveys on Submarine Cable Landing Points

Support of a cable landing place selection by information of geographical conditions and fishery operations based on on-site surveys.

Submarine Cable Route Design and Selection

Totally support a desk research on submarine cable routes, ocean surveys and a route selection after the surveys.

Localization of Submarine Cable Failure Points

Perform a localization of submarine cable failure points in such places as insides of manholes, or as an extremely shallow area where it is difficult to specify the failure point. The localization contributes to the prompt recovery of the submarine cable failures.

Design for Marine Construction Plan

Design a construction plan for installation and protection of cable systems both in a see section and a land section, responding to customer's needs.

Land Conduit Construction Design

Propose a land conduit construction design matching to various environments, such as conduit construction adopting a jacking method.

Design of Submarine Cable Grounding Facilities

Propose, based on our experiences, an appropriate ground design by carrying out preliminary surveys(example: boring) on submarine cable grounds for communication and power supply.

Support for Licensing Procedures

Support for licensing procedures or act as an agent by doing necessary documentary arrangements for the application to the authorities concerned.

Support for Fishery Negotiations

Support for fishery negotiations or act as an agent doing from necessary documentary arrangements to explanations to fishermen.

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