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Submarine Cable Maintenance Milestones

As shown below, Kokusai Cable Ship Co., Ltd(KCS) has engaged in many cable repairs mainly in Yokohama Zone, and is contributing to prompt traffic recovery of submarine cable systems which are significant infrastructure of Japan and the World.

Particularly, the cable failures due to the ocean earthquake near Kaohsiung, Taiwan, in 2006, which caused 20 failures on 9 submarine cables almost at the same time and influenced seriously to the international communication, are fresh in our memory. In the occurrence, KCS dispatched the KDDI OCEAN LINK(KOL) as the Yokohama Zone maintenance ship, and also the KDDI PACIFIC LINK as an emergency measure, and contributed to the recovery of communication networks through the speedy repairs.

<Submarine Cable Maintenance Milestones in Recent 5 Years>

In 2009

In 2008




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