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Yokohama Zone Maintenance

Since the inauguration of the world's first trans-pacific submarine cable(TPC-1) in 1964, Kokusai Cable Ship Co., Ltd.(KCS) has engaged in the maintenance of almost all the international submarine cables laid in the Asia-Pacific region.
As an operator of the cable ship, the KDDI OCEAN LINK dedicating to the Yokohama Zone maintenance for the Asia-Pacific region, KCS is contributing to keep the international communication stable in the region since its initial stage.

Currently, two cable ships in China and Korea are, as the second cable ship, engaged in the Yokohama Zone maintenance on 6 months rotation basis. The KDDI OCEAN LINK is the cable ship working full-time throughout the year for the Yokohama Zone maintenance.

KDDI OCEAN LINK & Yokohama Zone Maintenance

KDDI OCEAN LINK & Yokohama Zone maintenance


In the Yokohama Zone maintenance, KCS is cooperating with KT Submarine in Korea and SBSS in China with which KCS is doing the Yokohama Zone maintenance together.
Also, in case that all of the zone ships are not available, there is the framework which makes inter-zone mutual support based on the agreement called PIOCMA(Pacific and Indian Ocean Cable Maintenance Agreement) possible.

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