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Jointing Qualification

Cable Jointing Qualification(UJ, UQJ, UC Qualification)

UJ Common Components

UJ common components

Conducting various interconnections of optical submarine cable using the Universal Jointing Technology, utilization of the Universal Jointing arts requires the certification by the UJ Consortium.
The certification by the UJ Consortium is, referring to ITU(International Telecommunication Union) recommendations, performed through more strict qualification tests.
KCS, as a UJ Consortium member, performs the qualification and certification, and issues the official certificate accordingly.

Optical Fiber Splicing Qualification

As one of baseline technology of the UJ Consortium, for minimizing optical splicing loss and keeping its optical characteristics stable for long term, the UJ Consortium conducts qualification of the optical fiber splicing using the dedicated optical fiber fusion splicer, and certifies the splicing conditions accordingly.
KCS, as a member of UJ Consortium, carries out the qualification of the splice, and issues the official certificate according to the result.

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