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Training school

Kokusai Cable Ship Co., Ltd.(KCS) offers, as a member of the UJ Consortium, the UJ jointer training courses which are the initial training, upgrade training and re-qualification training of UJ/UC/UQJ certified by the UJ Consortium.

Training School Certified by UJ Consortium

The course offering about calibration methods of the UJ jointing equipment and training for individual jointing equipment is also possible responding to customer's demands.
According to the customer's request, the jointing training service can be also offered at places designated by the customer.
KCS training school is located at the following address:
7-3 Ebisu-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama, Kanagawa 221-0024 Japan

Contact for KCS training school:

Kokusai Cable Ship Co., Ltd. Sales Department

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